Sunday, August 06, 2006

Bring on Monday!!!

I'm just in a disgusting mood & I really should snap myself out of it...I'm looking forward to Monday & Wayne going back to work....yeah I love him I'm just sick of him at the mo....well really I'm sick of me, but him having to be around me while I'm in this funk just adds to the frustration.

I'd really like to be a nice wife & just dote on him & there's nothing stopping me other than a bad attitude - hopefully it disappears with the pMS :o)

On a brighter note I did a one hour challenge today (pictured) & I finished my entry in Mel's CJ (ready for posting tomorrow...such a last-minute lucy!!) - not pictured just in case she reads my blog LOL!! I kind of imagine that no-one reads my blog so I write whatever I like - great therapy & for free!!

Zeetra might be popping in tomorrow - I sooooo hope she does, she's going to drop of the next CJ (Sharees)...She's been up in Auckland for the weekend & is hoping to stop on her way home - I would so love to meet her.

Well I haven't done my 15 minutes of zone work yet & its 20 past 10...fortunately the dining room is part of the zone for the week, which just happens to be my scrap area - so I'm going to go clean up before I go to bed & I'll journal it in the am & update again with a pic.

Sweet dreams.

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