Friday, August 25, 2006

1 Hour Challenges

I LOVE them!!! But they leave me wanting more!!

Ali over at Embellished hosts random 1 hour challenges & well, I can't resist.

She's on Australian time - so it can be a bit tricky at times...but with my broken toe its all good - I'm here & always ready :o)

Yesterday at 3pm (her 1pm) she set the challenge...ordinarily I would be picking Tai up for pre-school but my wonderful sis is doing that for me until I'm ready to drive again.

So here's yesterday's effort.

The deal is you have 1 hour from go to don't have time to think...Ali will let you know if a challenge is coming up (usually Wednesdays & Sundays) so you can choose a pic. Then wait for the challenge to start.

Yesterday we had to use BLUE, but other than that - you have to have a title, pic & journalling then you just go & create & then have it uploaded to the gallery by cut-off.

The great thing is I don't have time to cut things out so I get to use my stash instead of saving it for "someday" & I really love the freedom that gives me.

And you'd be surprized how much you can achieve in an hour. There's stitching, inking & painting on this LO. I'm working on making my LOs a bit more embellished..starting with my next on LOL!!!

Well, time to take Taigy to swimming. Later.


Janine said...

Love the layout. Isn't it amazing how an hour can make ya motor. I found a few weeks ago the shorter it took me to do a layout the more I loved it.

Mel said...

Love the one hour challenge idea. Quite honestly a layout some people spend 3-4 hours on often isn't any better than something you could do in a hour. And you get to stress less!