Monday, August 07, 2006

21 DC - Days 5 & 6

Well my habit is going really well - was thinking Sunday is a day of rest, but hello I only need to do 15 minutes of work - WHATEVER!! Sooooo trying to be lazy! Absolutely shocking!!

Meanwhile, Wayno made 2 lemon meringue pies yesterday YUM - 1 to take to Mum & Dad's for lunch and the other for home - whatta guy!!!
Well I've got my mokopuna over for the afternoon...very interesting...I told her she could have an ice-cream after she finished her roll (only 1/2 mind you) and her apples & had some of her juice...well, she tried the ole "I can't drink all of my juice" & the "I've had enough, can I have my ice-cream now?" I came back with "Just two more little sips & you don't have to rush, just let me know whenyou've finished & I'll come & check, then you can have you ice-cream". Well a good 10 minutes later there's a tap on my shoulder - "I've finished Granny Kell, can I have my ice-cream now", so I say OK, thinking yep 10 minutes have past, did a quick look-see in the rubbish on the way to the kitchen - no lunch in there... make the ice-cream & take it to her in the loungeroom, check her luch plate & no a crumb left...dead give-away the wrapping wasn't there either.

So, I wait til Raven had distracted her & they're in Taigy's room & I check her lunchbox - sure enough all her food is in there - not another bite eaten.

Oh least I know she ate the ice-cream, then i just gave her a milo to pass time until we have to pick Tai up from pre-school - told her to drink it in the kitchen on the tiles, she starts walking into the loungeroom with it - I call her back, tell her to stay in the kitchen. Hello 2 minutes later....Granny Kell, Raven spilled my milo on the carpet - Oh well, next time we'll have to stay in the kitchen hey. yes, Granny.

But she is a gorgeous little princess...just look at her dressing the baby! Oh blogger!!! I'll post it next time :o)

Gotta go get Tai.