Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Broken Toe Means More Scrapping

Well I was mucking around yesterday doing kung-fu kicks like a Tae Bo super star - NOT! And Ravey moves the doors to the TV cabinet....BANG!!!! OOOOOWWWWWW!!! So - I put a pack of frozen peas on my foot for the day & hope for the best.....6 hours later when the pain HASN'T subsided I ring Wayne to come home from work & take me to get x-rays...hello broken toe.

The wonders of modern medicine mean that I don't have to have a cast on for 6 weeks...I get to have a "moon boot" on for 6 weeks - almost YAY!! Who wants anything on for 6 weeks??? So the beauty of the moon boot is that its removable. So, when the pain does eventually subside I can remove the boot & go for a drive, then put the boot back on when I arrive - YAY!

Some more great news - I discovered I can use my left foot for sewing LOs no probs!!!! LOL!!

So I managed to complete 2 LOs today (so far). One will be put towards the Up2scrap DT entry, so sorry I can't share...but the other is a LO I did because I needed to print another 5x7 so I wasn't wasting paper LOL!!!

Now, I'll share a little secret with you...the warehouse has these fabulous letters for $1.99 per pack - you only get 26 letters - but what the heck at that price I figured I can buy 4 packs & have 4 sets of vowels...onto the 2nd pack already, but c'est la vie.

I was going for the lil davis look without the price tag ;o)

Oh I also used BG stickers - but I had run out of t's & o's so I cut around the outside of the letters to get this effect - I quite like it..if you're short on cash & long on time its a good option ;o)

Well time to put my feet up while Wayne cooks my dinner ;o)


Megan M said...

Poor you Kelly - hope that foot heals quickly - nice excuse to have everyone run around after you!
Fab layouts by the way!

nzmommy said...

Ouch, Kelly! I 'accidently' kicked my daughter's horse one early morning leaving her room in a daze, had blood everywhere!!

Are the letters you got wooden??? I found some that were wooden and such a nice font too. Yes, a great tip about cutting around the sticker sheet. I've done this before too.

Feel better soon!

Janine said...

hope your feeling better soon!! Go to the moon boot. Maybe the moob boot could be your off the page item that you could embellish for the Up2Scrap design team.....:-)

Hannah said...

Ouch! Sorry to hear about your foot! I hope it doesn't restrict you too much. I do know what injured feet are like, I've damaged the same one twice in the past 6 months, and been immobile for some time!

Like the letters, and I love the idea of cutting around the stickers. I never thought of doing that but I will give it a try!