Tuesday, August 08, 2006

NZ Dares - The Chaos Within

Ok, I've decided to let my chaos go. I was saying to Lisa (my sis) yesterday "I don't know what to do...and I don't know what about." CRAZY!!!

I always feel like there is something more to do...but I stopped yesterday to look at my life:

my husband loves me
my kids are happy
my house is clean & manageable
we have a roof over our heads
the bills are paid
there's food in our bellies

What more do I need, what else needs to be done - NOTHING...all that we need in life is provided for us & we are a happy little family...so why am I looking for things to complicate this??

I have decided to let go of the chaos & enjoy the blessings I have :o)


~Zeetra~ said...

I love this page Kelly.
I often wonder the same things. But yes we are all fed and happy so why ask for more?

I love the way you did your head on here.


Monique said...

This is awesome Kelly, its nice to know others feel like this too. I love the way you have expressed everything.

Lara said...

this is great Kelly!