Saturday, August 19, 2006

Ebby Turns 5

Well we're off to Ebony-Pearl's birthday party today...My little niece has just turned 5!! OMG where did the time go???

Eb is the oldest of the "triplets". There's Ebby, Taigy & Creedy...all born within about 4 months of each other - they're so cute when they're all together. Eb is mother hen, Tai is happy to go along (but sometimes wants to boss) & Creedy-boy..well, what chance does he stand??? He's a great sport - although going throught that sooky 4yr old phase.

Well I really should be scrapping...had a fantastic night at the SBO cybercrop last LO down - 2 to go.

Lara has me thinking about fabric, paint & I think I've got the concept down - just translating it to paper could be tricky.....meanwhile got totally side-tracked after getting the fabric out thismorning..was meant to be working on the LO - but remembered I had to finish the bday pressy & organize wrapping paper - card was made months ago - in a burst of card enthusiasm ;o)

So, I added iron-ons to a couple of Tees...then wasn't excited about the wrapping paper - usually stamp onto butchers paper...but did that last week in a bit of a hurry & smudged the I looked in my drawers & found some black stuff off some flowers Wayno bought me a while back - So I thought - stuff with a nice pink ribbon - lovely girly combo...but then I couldn't find any pink ribbon...but my eye caught some fabric flowers & hello - next thing you know I'm sitting at the sewing machine adding flowers to the papery/fabricy black stuff (its like a fine felt/handmade paper)...well here's the end result!!!

OMG on one hand I wish the girls would stop throwing out inspiration - but on the other hand I may come to a stand-still if they do LOL!!!!

Well - must dash...see if I can get my 21 Day Challenge Journal up to date before we head off - loving Mel's 10 minute rule!!!


~Zeetra~ said...

Where do you get your ideas from kelly? They are fantastic.

love your present!.

Megan M said...

Holy flip - I though I was busy Kelly! Have been buying bday cards lately as no time to do anything with Max arriving but that card for Ebby has inspired me to get the trimmer and cardstock out!

Mel said...

Yep I'm still doing the 21 day challenge thing. Must confess that for several days I've simply written the quote down in my art journal - yet to decorate. But I'll get there. Love those t/shirts

Sandra said...

Kelly you are a machine and you have some cool ideas. I wish you were my Aunty!!