Thursday, August 10, 2006

Holey Begoly

Oh wow!! My LO got pick of the week at NZ Dares how stoked am I??

Just went to have a little looky at the forum at Scrapbook Essentials this morning & there were congrats posts & I'm like - what? me?

It's quite funny cos I'm always thinking I wonder if there's another Kelly who won & I'm gonna be so embarrassed if I'm like "hey thanks guys" I quickly went to NZ Dares to check for myself hehehehehe & there was my head opened up for all to see LOL!

Oh I'm buzzing on this...what a great way to start the day :o)

Thanks everyone for your kind comments (assuming you visit my blog hahahahahaha)

Well I had better get on with my day....I'll be back to share later cos I've got something to show Zeetra ;o)


Janine said...

Well done Kelly!! Belive ion yourself cos your work is stunning!! And toot ya horn too.....cos that layout rocks!!

Megan M said...

Well done Kelly - love your layout, looks like the inside of my head at the moment!

Steph said...

Saw your layout there Kelly, It's awesome, Love the head flying off, I can totally relate to that.