Monday, August 14, 2006

21 DC - Days 9-13 I'm up to date with my 21 Day Challenge journal. Habit took a break for the weekend...but we won't dwell on that - we're back on track this glorious (if a little rainy) Monday!!

Also had a fantastic scrapping weekend, had an australian cyber crop on Friday night over at Embellished and also couldn't resist the Scrapbook Outlet challenges for those of us who didn't get to go to CC06. Got a heap of scrapping done...but BLOGGER isn't going to let me share at the I'll be back later.

Oh, that reminds me of my grandaughters little mood swing on the weekend - holey moley!!
We had Lexi over for a sleepover on Friday night...all good, then we had to go & buy Taigy a costume for a fancy dress party on off we go to McD's for brekky (totally photo op & I have some cute pics which are begginf to be scrapped)..then we head over to K-Mart, get Taigy to choose the dress I like (Snow White...more scrapping!) & then Lexi says she wants I gently explained that Tai had a fancy dress party to go to & that's why she's getting a new dress & Lexi will get a treat if she's a good girl. Bottom lip DROPS like a lead balloon & she goes to hide in another aisle...oh well what can you do....carry on shopping that's what ;o)

It took her about 15 minutes to come right, which I guess isn't so by the time we left the Warehouse she was happy & had a toblerone in hand...."I know what's in this....mountains" aaaahhhh tooo cute!!!

But it is sooo funny to see Taigy with her...Tai is such a follower/parrot tooo cute.

Oh, the fancy dress party was Tai's first birthday party outside the family...took her a while to warm up to the situation...but I thik she had fun, she won the pass the parcel game & manged to chase balloons all in all a good time was had.

OK be back later to try & add pics ;o)

Well I managed to add 1 pic :o)


Lara said...

sounds like a busy weekend. Good on you for sticking @ the 21 day challenge.

Dawn said...

Yay! You are keeping at it! We can finish strong!!!
on to #14 of the {21}!!!

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